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Become a Fashion Designer With Creativity and Passion

To become a fashion designer, you must be a very creative person with an eye for style. Fashion designers are people who conceptualize and create outfits that clothing companies will sell to consumers. They follow current fashion trends and determine what people will consider stylish and fashionable.

Fashion designers often know that it is an interest of theirs at young ages. As children they liked to dress themselves and their toys in different outfits and liked to come up with new and interesting ways to wear and match different accessories. They also generally take an interest in fashion magazines and celebrity fashions at an early age as well. However, if you are interested in becoming a fashion designer and you have an eye for what looks good on people, there are many opportunities to get into the business.

As you would expect, in order to become a fashion designer, you must have a great interest in fashion trends and clothing. It is a good idea to follow fashion magazines and watch fashion shows to get ideas for new designs and trends. Try to determine what will be popular in the future and think of outfits that could fit these new trends.

If you don’t already, it is a good idea to learn how to sew and make clothing. Though a professional designer is not usually required to create the clothes themselves, having a knowledge of how clothes are made will help in the design process. It is also good to have these skills in order to create basic prototypes of your design ideas so that you can more easily promote them.

As a fashion designer, one of your main jobs is to sketch the designs for your clothing ideas so others will know what your new outfit is intended to look like. A good fashion designer must be able to produce detailed and accurate designs for their clothing ideas. Part of this is having a knowledge of different cloths and materials, knowing how to draw accurate body proportions, as well as the ability to choose and mix colors.

If you do not know how to sketch designs properly or effectively, it may help to go to a design school or take design classes. Though a degree in fashion design is not required to find a job, it is extremely helpful because it lets potential employers know that you have a working knowledge of the industry as well as how to draft accurate designs. Many colleges and universities offer programs in fashion design and you can choose to take a two year or four year track.

Whether you decide to attend a school or not, be sure to keep a portfolio of the work you have done. When you apply for jobs, you should be able to produce a number of sample designs that you have come up with. This will give your clients an idea of your sense of style.

Do whatever you can to learn about the industry. Read magazines, talk to professionals, watch TV programs, and whatever else you can do. The more you know, the better chance you will have in achieving success as a fashion designer.

The Best Kind of Statement – Recycled Fashion

Fashion is as fashion does. It makes statements. That’s why everyone flocks to buy the latest trends, come new season time; it’s why people look oddly at people who don’t wear the right clothes or the right colours; and, more benevolently, it’s why the latest trend of all is actually worth talking about. Yes – recycled fashion is here to stay, and there’s finally something on the streets that makes sense.

What’s the difference? Simply enough: money. For decades the fashion industry has been crushing the life out of little towns and villages in far flung corners of the earth, where the threads that most people are so happy to parade are churned out in huge volume for the kind of wage that would have made even a Victorian miser think twice. It is common knowledge, too – the clothes that hit the high street are sold for thousands of times the price the people that make them get paid for them. And we do nothing about it. Or didn’t, anyway, until recycled fashion came along.

In the best tradition of all good things, this is a kind of fashion that does exactly what it says it does. It’s ethical – it doesn’t promote sweat shop labour; it doesn’t allow kids to be employed for 2p a week; and it doesn’t sacrifice the life quality of whole villages so that a handful of people can swan around feeling pretty. The recycling movement, which has finally and happily landed with both feet on the neck of the fashion market, insists that the things we wear and use be accountable for their effects on both the environment and the people we’re buying them from.

Recycled fashion works as a double statement here – because everyone knows what it means, the statement a person wearing or using a recycled item of fashion makes is all about the ethics of commerce. Sounds tautological, but it actually makes a lot of sense: if fashion is about making statements, then the strongest types of fashion are going to be those that make the loudest ones. Anyone who can think of a louder (and better) statement to make than the one being made by the reused and fairly traded goods coming out of the recycled fashion market has clearly been thinking for too long.

Frankly, after decades spent kowtowing to a bunch of big wigs whose regard for the welfare of the human race is in inverse proportion to the size of their houses, it’s about time some fair minded cat came along and started scaring all the pigeons. See, the thing about recycled items of fashion, both worn and otherwise, is this: fashion is big business. But if the big business is going to people who actually care about their suppliers, and who are actively remaking items from already existing materials – well, then it won’t be big business any more. Recycled fashion is finally putting the boot back where it belongs. Three rousing cheers to that.

A Look At The 1950s Fashion

Fashion in the 1950s generated a lot of innovative and distinct styles. This was the year when America was starting to start anew after the Second World War. It was also the era that spelled optimism to a lot of people whose life was left devastated because of the remnants of the war. America’s transmutation was highly signified by fashion.

Deviating from the accustomed way of dressing and fixing themselves, women in this epoch started to be more carefree and moved away from the familiar norms they got used to. The standard dresses were put aside and a more laid-back and unfussy clothes were worn. The most common attire worn by women then was a dress. The dresses were not formal, rein-strapped, with circular skirts and tiny collars emphasized them. Available in restrained colors and with spectacular velvet bows, daring ruffles and tulle trim were the evening dresses. Evening dresses were fitted and highlighted with pure silk without sleeves and straps.

The full skirts of the 50s were widely accepted but a little prop up was done. To augment their look, nylon petticoats were made primarily for these skirts to make them fuller. Its being good in quality as well as easy to manage fabric has made nylon to be the favored choice of material for this purpose. With the addition of the petticoat, the skirts became fuller. Developed by Jacques Fath in the 1940s, the swing coat is another fashion milestone in this era. The swing coat’s outline was created to envelop the skirts and was ideal for the high incidence of pregnancy after the war. Another development in the 50s was the “trapeze dress”. Triangular in form and worn with low-heeled shoes and a chignon hair style is the characteristic of this dress. The next era modified the trapeze dress to a shorter baby doll tent style dress. Christian Dior’s H-line of 1954 was considered to be the best traditional item of clothing from the 50s. This included a slender tunic-style suit that goes with a tight skirt. Other creations of Dior which gained acceptance were the A and Y lines. Even as he ruled the fashion industry, the 1950s belongs to Christian Dior. Women became too eager with his creations as his huge clothing showed their femininity. Hubert Givenchy is another designer who established the Parisian style of dress in 1957, popularly known as the Sack. This style of dress started the straighter-waist outfit. It was first created into the fitted darted sheath dress and became a loose straight short shift dress later on.

And who wouldn’t know Coco Chanel? One of the major designers in the 1950s, Chanel brought into the scene the bauble and full skirts. The squared old-fashioned Chanel suit jackets and bedecked skirts and elaborate fleece were creations of Chanel. Since Chanel uses only richly elaborate materials, his creations are normally expensive. The outline of Chanel’s suits were direct and exquisitely lined with silk making it more cultured, classic and beautified the details. A series of pearls and jackets without collars were added to Chanel’s designs and has become very much in fashion in that age. Introduced in the late 1950’s, the empire line is one of the most considered old-fashioned trends. The empire line of clothing was focused on shirts and dresses and became a hit to the teens because of their virtuousness; thus, the term “baby doll style” was thought of. In the 50s, teens were to dress like adults. Because of its outstanding distinction from what mothers used to wear during that time, the empire line got the attention of America’s teen population.

Not considered a target market group, teenagers were a new thing and it was only in the 1950s that they got to be recognized. This was brought to the minds of the adults via magazine, television, films and rock music. The 1950s also signified a lot of growth particularly in the field of science, thus it was also referred to as the “Space Age”. These many life changes were all credited to the just concluded World War II, which made America to surface from the destruction of war to richness and a new character. The consumer-based society started to bloom which was greatly pressed on by the credit card system. The fashion world was not left out in this manner. In fact, it was seriously egged on by these new situations as most Americans tried to keep the regularity of ideals and trends. Fresh from the wounds of World War II, Americans only wanted to live a normal life. Television sets came into full view in the 1950s where it found its place in a lot of homes. I Love Lucy, a famous program on the television was able to build the relationship among Americans to a strong sense of unity. The issue of being black or white was no longer entertained as students from both races were accepted in the same school. But that does not mean that racial prejudice was totally forgotten; there are still some strain on this issue. Civil rights leader, Martin Luther King, Jr. likewise surfaced in the 1950s. This age also made Americans to fear communism as the latter had conquered other countries. Additional transformations such as the introduction of the first space satellite, DNA breakthrough, more women being employed and yes, rock and roll music all happened in the 1950s. American citizens were deeply affected by the changes in social, economic and political issues in the globe and consequently, the business of fashion.

However, fashion was, to a great extent, swayed by the favored celebrities of consumers despite of issues concerning the world. James Dean, Ricky Nelson, Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe were just some of these celebrities whose manner of dressing was adored by consumers. The sexy but uncomplicated style of Marilyn Monroe was emulated by American women who were unmindful of their shape and size. Considered a big influence, Elvis Presley had a huge following especially from the female crowd in the 1950s. He, nonetheless, also became an inspiration to the male crowd. Presley deviated from the conventional outfit worn by men at that epoch which consist of navy suits and ties. Following the African American way of outfit, Elvis Presley wore undomesticated pegged chinos and soot suits that made the conservative groups in America to react. The makeup, vivid and loose-fitting clothes and the earthy dance moves of Elvis Presley was held responsible for the devastation of the morals of the youth. Not the entire male crowd imitated Elvis anyway. A lot of them, though, preferred to the conservative way of dressing.

Dark brown, charcoal and dark blue were the colors of men’s clothes in the 1950s. There were those who opt to wear pallid pink who wanted to be different just to get noticed. It did, nevertheless, gained momentum in that age. Popular among athletes and adult men at that age was the cardigan sweater. Similarly, checkered thermals, jackets with collars and fitting vests were a hit for men. Men’s litheness in their way of dressing was very much evident and shirt tails is an ordinary thing to be seen among men. It was also in the 1950s that fedora hats arrived in the fashion scene for men.

If fedora hats for men became available in the 50s, women’s fashion was also invaded with these chic accessories in the same epoch. Hats were regarded as the ultimate element to make any kind of woman’s attire glamorous. Fashion designer, Balenciaga, pioneered the pillbox hat in the 50s. Jackie Kennedy became the famous wearer of the pillbox hat and with that this Balenciaga hat was considered as one of the up-to-the-minute and cool fashion accessories of that period. Since then, numerous other hats entered the world of fashion for women. Swathed in flower petals with some embellished in georgette twirls were the other presentation of women’s hats. Women with high stature in society wore gloves on their hands to finally complete their attire. Gloves were ordinarily made of cotton because nylon and leather are very expensive. Also at that time, cream and white hues of gloves were the most popular choices even though different colors and styles of gloves are available. In the same way, trimmings of fur and decorated collars were enormously chic in the 50s. Another sensational and attractive accessory at that time was the brooches.

Tracing back, the 1950s saw a lot of fashion changes which were greatly influenced by economic concerns, political discussions, celebrities and the mass media. Women from this era emerged from the simple woman to being the liberated woman of America and it was in the fashion world that these changes were deeply depicted. In summary, the 1950s really played an important part in the way Americans live.

Fashionable Winter Fashion

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Winter Fashion Trends

The winter fashion makes the cold weather seem really nice. By chill winter cold and snow there are gorgeous outfits that the ladies during the bright winter should look forward to the winter really impatient. The great outfits you should quickly make really fancy the winter walk and every other winter things are also suitable for the profession
Winter Fashion Trends and Show Characters

Among the warm clothes for fall and winter  is no woman will have to hide. You can also point to the very warm and windproof outfits figure. Narrow cuts, emphasis on the waist and the right materials to ensure announced are really combinations of chic leather goods and imitation leather with faux fur, fur and wool. Leather is the major trend whether in pants, skirts, short dresses or coats and jackets. Against the cold weather you should also protect this winter with the chic leather jacket with sheepskin lining.
Strick Fashion Trends

Wool is part of the fall and winter as colorful foliage and snow the wool of the cold season comes with colorful designs as well as the classics like brown or gray therefore it’s great in the fall big wool ponchos made of colored squares in a patchwork style. Always chic sporty warm and practical Hoodies are with or without zipper also nice plump wool cardigans plain or send samples are properly in.

Red Fashion Color Against Gray Sky

Against the gray sky and the short days of winter fashion set with reds in all possible shades red can actually combine all the colors great always brings a warm glow and a little seduction to the outfit with the fancy boots and a nice warm coarsely knitted wool hats and long scarves may your wintery outfit are rounded. Boots are available in any kind this season it can be the little boots, thick boots or narrow high boots with different heel heights. In leather or suede, lined thick or thin and fabulous fashion colors to present boots for every style and taste. Skirts and dresses get by pretty chubby tights the kick on a nice stroll through the winter fashion world you are allowed to really appreciate.

Winter Shoe Fashion Trends

Cozy and warm and in addition waterproof boots are equipped these are not just moon boots, but many boots have this equipment on days when it’s not so cold, you wear ankle boots that are still in fashion it is cool you can combine tight jeans or mini skirts with bold over knee boots when the boots rivets are an important feature. Black color is a classic and will remain in fashion likewise trendy boots are strong in natural colors such as brown or beige.

Understanding different cuts in diamond solitaire necklace

Diamonds are a definite winner for both casual and formal occasions and can be worn with any kind of attire, because of its elegance and simplicity. Apart from simplicity, you also get the sheer beauty and timeless elegance and make you a head turner in any kind of occasion. The most common type of diamond necklace set in a 14k gold basket mounting that hangs on a simple chain. In jewellery industry, this is basically known as diamond solitaire pendant. While making a purchase for diamond solitaire necklace, it is necessary to check the cut of the stone as it actually brings out the best quality in the stone. Some of the most popular cuts that enhance the clarity of these diamonds are:

    Emerald – it is a rectangular shape with cut corners, which is most commonly used to cut emerald stones. This cut basically accents the clarity of the stone and does not share much brilliance when compared with other cuts.
    Heart – this cut is popular for both diamond solitaire necklace as well as solitaire rings. This is a kind of romantic cut that generally has 59 facets and is a modification of the round brilliant cut in order to create a heart shape.
    Oval – this cut is generally suited to people with small hands or fingers as the symmetrical oval shape gives an illusion of elongating the wearer’s hand. It exhibits a similar brilliance like that of a round cut and the stones of the same carat can look larger due to the shape that it presents.
    Pear or tear drop – as the name suggests, this diamond cut is oval in shape with the upper end pointed and the lower end is in the shape of a pear. The best example that can show you this piece of cut is of actress Elizabeth Taylor famously owned a 69 carat pear shaped stone in the necklace that she wore.
    Princess – this shape is most commonly square however; it can also be rectangular in shape which is the second most popular shape for diamonds. As the diamond is cut differently, it still exhibits the same high grade of brilliance. Moreover, due to a flat crown this cut makes an ideal shape for diamond necklaces.

Clarity enhanced diamonds have been around from the past two decades as there are a variety of procedures that are used to enhance the clarity of the diamonds. However, not every diamond can undergo a clarity enhancement process as only certain flaws can be amended through this treatment. Therefore, it is better to learn about clarity enhanced diamonds prior to purchasing these kind of gemstones.

Style and Innovation Together Makes Fashion Technology

Course in fashion is one of the most sought after careers by today’s young generation. With more and more people becoming fashion conscious it has become essential to be always aware of the latest trends and styles. In fact wearing well stitched clothes combined with the right colors and right fabric has become more of a necessity. Whether it is an interview, a social gathering, a wedding, a formal or informal party; we are mostly judged more by our clothes than anything else.

Therefore most individuals nowadays try to buy designer clothes that speak of the latest trends. Fashion institutes are also on the rise as the young generation is not only trying to stay in vogue but seeking career in fashion technology that can help them to be the trend setters. This is a glamorous field with great career options and immense potentiality for exposure in the market. Fashion professionals can become renowned and create a name for themselves both nationally and internationally. But it is a misconception that a course in fashion is a piece of cake. In fact fashion and technology have become the most integral parts of our lives today. Perfect style and latest trends come with innovative ideas and modern thinking. And fashion colleges teach their students the technique of putting their innovative ideas on fabric.

The curriculum of fashion institutes in India is quite rigorous and just as professional courses in any other field require time, dedication, patience and continuous hard work; so is the case with courses in fashion. A person pursuing this career should also have some amount of creativity accompanied with an eye for detail, imagination and at least some amount of drawing skills. But most fashion colleges make their students completely prepared before they step out into the industry. The options are innumerable with the scope to grow really famous and technically expert; provided you are willing to work hard.

Students pursuing fashion technology can choose options of becoming:

* Fashion designer
* Illustrator
* Merchandiser in garment or export houses
* Fashion consultant for big brands or Retail chains
* Individual designer with a personal brand name
* Fashion writer
* Production Manager
* Quality Controller
* Fabric Manager etc.

The fashion design institutes in India not only offer curriculum that meets the industry standards but also provide hands on experience to their students. They are given practical training and also the chance to earn stipends while still pursuing the course. Therefore it is very important to join an institute that can give you your money’s worth otherwise all your efforts will go down the drain.

How To Choose Plus Size Wedding Dresses for Women

Shopping for plus size wedding dresses these time are not grim as designers have begun to realize the desirable variety from brides. Just like the scrawny brides,plus size brides also have the petition to scuff pleasing wedding dresses. Nevertheless, except that, their dresses will be plus size wedding dresses. Every bride in the world wishes to feel stunning and just like a princess on her big day. These brides also want the same choices that are unfilled to their skinnier counterparts. Thanks to the designers of this era for belief about benefit mass women and deceitful dresses to outfit their chart and affect. The existence, plus size wedding dresses come in an eclectic range of styles and designs and can bestow fit women with all they want to make them look gorgeous on their exclusive day. However, there are certain things to ponder when free out buying dresses for your plus form. As there are several designers and wedding shops vacant, you need to take adequate of time out and look for the best you can get. Remember, that you have a picture and there skin that you need to show off somewhat than pigskin. The variety of your gown should flatter your curves and goad thought towards your best features. It is your special day and you should not let somebody try to convince you to withhold your features just because you are a huge female. Instead, you should dialogue to some designers who can give you great suggestions on the lettering of gown that will outfit you the best. Try all the styles that you feel like and select the one that makes you joyful. The best styles will compliment your curves and will clearly make you feel like a princess on your wedding day.

Indo-Western Sherwani is the best or Indian Grooms

SherwaniBridal jewelry coupled with wedding ensembles play an important role for any bride, but for that groom it’s not the exact same. Without high of accessorization, a groom needs to look their best within wedding sherwani or even Indo-western sherwani that will assist him gather all spotlight. For the marriage day, a bridegroom can select a wedding sherwani overflowing in shades like, maroon, beige, away white as well as ivory. However, reception ceremony is about a modern urban fashionable look, therefore the bridegroom can put on a nicely tailored Indo-western sherwani.

Choosing wedding ceremony attire isn’t a simple job for that groom. Traditional wedding ceremony sherwanis be eligible as your best option for the actual groom’s wedding ceremony. With the most recent trends popular, modern day time grooms choose comfortable clothes with a few touch associated with elegance. This can make Indo-western sherwani designs since the next apparent choice.

The growing preferences with regard to Indo-western sherwanis possess encouraged menswear creative designers to test extensively using the silhouette. Brand new innovative slashes, different types of collars, stylish masturbator sleeves and utilization of stunning control keys have produced many revolutionary designs within Indo-western sherwanis.

Being an ideal fusion associated with Indian as well as western put on, Indo-western sherwanis worn through the groom improve his character and general appeal. The groom wearing an Indo-western sherwani may show their unique feeling of design, confidence as well as sophistication.

Most recent trends within Indo-western sherwani styles highlight materials and colors that signify the blend of modernity as well as ethnicity. The actual fabric variety includes carefully woven manmade fiber, woven manmade fiber and brocades; dropped in tones of olive eco-friendly, turquoise, navy blue, ivory as well as beige. Indo-western sherwani along with high neck of the guitar collar along with antique control keys, antique brooch, when combined with patiala pant or even dhoti trousers create an exceptional look; ideal for reception as well as cocktail celebration. Embroidery function done upon sherwanis legitimately enriches the appearance of the actual outfit. There’s a huge need of custom wedding sherwanis as well as Indo-western sherwanis. The custom sherwanis can be found in a number of styles, designs, colors as well as designs which may be customized based on the preference from the groom.

Based on the latest developments, the bridegroom chooses in order to wear conventional Indian clothes like churidar kurtas, Kurta pajma, pathani fits with smashed stoles with regard to pre-wedding events like wedding. On another end, the bride-to-be can dress you in beautifully created anarkali salwar kameez with regard to wedding features like mehendi as well as sangeet. Designers making various designs and designs in bright color scheme like fuchsia, scarlet, beige, tangerine, emeralds as well as violets that boost the beauty as well as personality from the bride. Designer put on umbrella design anarkali salwar kameez fits in flirtatious silhouettes as well as vivid hues would be the latest designs which are mostly popular with brides these days.

With brand new fashion developments getting released every period, wedding marketplace is humming with rising demands in the brides as well as grooms. Therefore will assist in escalating the marriage wear marketplace.

Adorn Your Beauty with the New Pakistani Fashion Dress

Every women and girls desires to look stunning and beautiful, which is a natural instinct, since they are quite conscious about their look. As we know, fashion and glamour two broad area which keeps on revising in order to give most lavish or outstanding approach towards life. No matter its Indian or Pakistani fashion, the pattern goes on changing to meet the exact requisite of men and women.

Today, we can see many fashion designer working hard to give best in class and most alluring pattern of Indian dresses based on Pakistani designs. In Indian outfit you can see Indian culture that showcases uniqueness of the country. The influence of western society and traditional design has given emergence to the superb and mesmerizing collection. The creative fashion designers have given out so many trendy and stylish outfit to accord the dressing sense of modern girls and women. The new Pakistani fashion has shown a remarkable influence in the fashion industry, so you can see the marketing getting broader on the international level as well. You can see great demand for Pakistani dress such as party wear sharara, anarkali suit, Afghani salwar kameez, gharaha suit, long anarkali with churidar, designer embroidered saree and etc. The wedding or party wear dress comes in fine craftsmanship and beautiful embroidery like sequins, beads, mirror work, resham work, beads, zardozi, shinning thread work and

The Pakistan dress exhibits outstanding characteristic, and is considered an ideal outfit for grand party and festivals. Indian Pakistani Clothes comes in various shades from light to dark color, so you can choose from the varieties, unique designing and matchless prints. Besides this, several option is given based on fabric type, some of the most demand fabric are cotton, shimmer, crepe, georgette, silk and others, since they pose lavishness and royalty. Modern Pakistani dress comes in various patterns and designs to meet the exact need for grand ceremony and function, where intricate and beautiful handwork and embroidery is incorporated to give attractive look. The ethnic dress gives a special touch to your appearance, making your presence magnificent. So always try to flaunt your beauty with the new and trendy outfit to step up with the ongoing trend and fashion.

The Salwar Kameez has so many different styles and designs, so you can try unique dressing such as Patiala Salwar, churidar with suit, anarkali with churidar, parallel payjama with short kurti, party wear umbrella cut anarkali churidar, long suit with churidar leggings and etc. The gorgeous a Pakistani Salwar Kameez can daze your appearance differentiating your look from the crowd. Get an alluring and beautiful look that everyone love to praise and appreciate.

for more information of Pakistani Fashion please click here

Ten essential fashion accessories every woman needs

Can you even imagine a world without women? Absolutely not! Just the way we are incomplete without our mothers, sisters, girlfriends and wives, they too are incomplete without fashion. Fashion adds that much needed spice and glamour to our lives. In this fast pacing competitive world, it is necessary for everyone to groom themselves and be presentable on all occasions, no matter where we are headed to. And when it comes to being stylish and fashionable, girls have an edge over boys just because they have so many options to choose from. There are those must haves for every woman for different occasions and events which complete a lady. With exciting fashion accessories coupons available for online discounts and shopping, who would not like to dive in the ocean of fashion?

Here are ten essential Limeroad fashion accessories every woman needs.


There’s lot of stuff that women need to keep with them wherever they go. Be it their lipsticks and gloss or be it the keys to their apartment or personal sanitary, a big hand bag not only adds to your look but proves to be of great help in storing your essentials.


So what do you do when you have a bad hair day and still wish to go out some place nice? A scarf comes to your rescue in such situations. And even if you’re not having a bad hair day, a scarf if worn correctly can enhance your look in a big way. It all depends on how you carry it off. Scarves come in beautiful prints and patters and would only attract more and more eyeballs towards you.


One of the best ways to beat the heat and protect your eyes from direct sunlight while making yourself look super cool is to get yourself a lovely pair of sunglasses. They have been in vogue since always and will always be. Just go for the ones that suit your face shape and get set to rock.


It doesn’t matter if they are gold, silver or artificial, if they go well with your dress and make up, earrings can be your best bet to shine apart from the rest.  They are one of the most essential accessories you should have. Don’t worry if you haven’t got your ears pierced, there are a lot of options available and you can wear them without getting your ears pierced.

5.    WATCH

Although your phone works as a watch for you most of the time, wearing a watch would only add punk to your look. Those big dials can sometimes look really amazing. Just like sunglasses, watches too would never fade away from the world of fashion and style.


Give a woman a pair of high heels and she’s got her world. Imagining a lady without high heels is just impossible. However they may not be quite comfortable all the time In comparison to flats but if one needs to look good and make a mark, high heels is a good option.  You can judge a person from the shoes he wears. Heard that?


Complete your look with a classy finger ring and let your hands do the talking. It can be a big cocktail ring or it can be a cute little gold ring. Your take!


Ok so you don’t like earrings or fingerings but still want something to complete your look, try wearing a nice necklace and make a statement.  But don’t mix and match them with large earrings if you wish to avoid a fashion blunder.

9.    BELT

When you have a belt nothing could possibly go wrong with your attire. Belts are cool and hip. You can go for different options while choosing the one to go with your outfit. It could be a leather belt or it could be a colorful braided belt, whichever looks good with your jeans or shorts go for it.


Admit it. You can’t be comfortable in those high heels all the time and thus, a pair of comfortable ballet flats is a must have in your closet. They are not just comfortable and trendy they go with all kinds of dresses too.