Ten essential fashion accessories every woman needs

Can you even imagine a world without women? Absolutely not! Just the way we are incomplete without our mothers, sisters, girlfriends and wives, they too are incomplete without fashion. Fashion adds that much needed spice and glamour to our lives. In this fast pacing competitive world, it is necessary for everyone to groom themselves and be presentable on all occasions, no matter where we are headed to. And when it comes to being stylish and fashionable, girls have an edge over boys just because they have so many options to choose from. There are those must haves for every woman for different occasions and events which complete a lady. With exciting fashion accessories coupons available for online discounts and shopping, who would not like to dive in the ocean of fashion?

Here are ten essential Limeroad fashion accessories every woman needs.


There’s lot of stuff that women need to keep with them wherever they go. Be it their lipsticks and gloss or be it the keys to their apartment or personal sanitary, a big hand bag not only adds to your look but proves to be of great help in storing your essentials.


So what do you do when you have a bad hair day and still wish to go out some place nice? A scarf comes to your rescue in such situations. And even if you’re not having a bad hair day, a scarf if worn correctly can enhance your look in a big way. It all depends on how you carry it off. Scarves come in beautiful prints and patters and would only attract more and more eyeballs towards you.


One of the best ways to beat the heat and protect your eyes from direct sunlight while making yourself look super cool is to get yourself a lovely pair of sunglasses. They have been in vogue since always and will always be. Just go for the ones that suit your face shape and get set to rock.


It doesn’t matter if they are gold, silver or artificial, if they go well with your dress and make up, earrings can be your best bet to shine apart from the rest.  They are one of the most essential accessories you should have. Don’t worry if you haven’t got your ears pierced, there are a lot of options available and you can wear them without getting your ears pierced.

5.    WATCH

Although your phone works as a watch for you most of the time, wearing a watch would only add punk to your look. Those big dials can sometimes look really amazing. Just like sunglasses, watches too would never fade away from the world of fashion and style.


Give a woman a pair of high heels and she’s got her world. Imagining a lady without high heels is just impossible. However they may not be quite comfortable all the time In comparison to flats but if one needs to look good and make a mark, high heels is a good option.  You can judge a person from the shoes he wears. Heard that?


Complete your look with a classy finger ring and let your hands do the talking. It can be a big cocktail ring or it can be a cute little gold ring. Your take!


Ok so you don’t like earrings or fingerings but still want something to complete your look, try wearing a nice necklace and make a statement.  But don’t mix and match them with large earrings if you wish to avoid a fashion blunder.

9.    BELT

When you have a belt nothing could possibly go wrong with your attire. Belts are cool and hip. You can go for different options while choosing the one to go with your outfit. It could be a leather belt or it could be a colorful braided belt, whichever looks good with your jeans or shorts go for it.


Admit it. You can’t be comfortable in those high heels all the time and thus, a pair of comfortable ballet flats is a must have in your closet. They are not just comfortable and trendy they go with all kinds of dresses too.

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