Know more about necklaces and its various types:

An ethnic or an elegant look would be incomplete without exotic jewellery. It includes earrings, bracelets, necklaces, rings, etc. Necklaces are the one which can completely change your look. They have to be chosen carefully by an individual to match the personality and occasion. These are very ancient forms of jewellery. They are worn around the neck. These are mostly made upon a metal element. These can be plain and simple metal chains. In this there can even be an addition of pendants or lockets. There is a fashion today, that people wear pendants of their zodiac sign. Or self designed necklaces either containing only metal or embedded with various stones. The features of this are stones (particularly gemstones / jewels), wood (usually carved or polished), art glass, feathers,shells, beads or corals Рa wide, wide variety of other adornments have also been used.  Necklaces may include chokers which are held very close to the neck, or long ones which are longer ones.

This form of jewel is mostly women centric. Though, some types of chokers and pendants are worn by men as well.

Innovative necklaces in trendy designs

Pendant necklaces:

These include simple metal chains to which pendants are attached. They are of various forms.

Cross necklaces:

This is a type of pendant necklace which features a cross in it. Now these can be made of stones such as diamond cross necklaces or without stones. These can be of various colours as well. These crosses are designed very artistically and beautifully. Hence, even though it is just a cross pendant necklace, one would always see a huge range in even these.

Initial necklaces:

These are pendant necklaces only. Initial, as the name suggests, consists the letters of one’s initials, designed as pendants. Nowadays these initials are available in different languages, thus providing a good range in initial pendants itself. These are also beautifully carved.

Angel wing necklace:

This is another type of pendant necklace. These pendants feature designs of the angel wings. They are very nicely made and consist of pendants of various metals, colours and some also consist of stones embedded.

 Other types of necklaces:

These include various types of long and small necklaces, ranging from chokers which stick to the neck to the long chain necklaces which come down till the stomach. These do not contain pendants. They are just metal ones or stone embedded ones, such as, diamond or solitaire necklace. It can also be a combination of two or more stones, such as diamond solitaire necklace. A wide variety is available on this section today. Thus shopping becomes very interesting.

The shopping for necklaces and jewellery as a whole has become very easy nowadays. They can be shopped personally or online. One can also place an order according to specific requirements. A particular design can be asked for and you may get it custom-made. One can be well assured of the quality of such necklaces if made by leading jewellers. Custom-made necklaces can also help you to be in your price limitations.

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