Fashion Bikinis For Men

Men’s bikini underwear is not a very common sight like women in bikinis on the beach shore or even at the pool side. However, it takes a lot of hard work and guts to get into those skimpy pairs and dazzle the vast crowd in the strikingly smart and sexy men’s underwear.

The emerging trend of men’s sexy underwear has witnessed a sudden upsurge with more and more men going for skimpier styles in order to feel comfortable and confident. Bikinis are an integral part of sensuous category of men’s apparel. Where women bikini was popularized mostly by the film fraternity and movies; the men’s counterpart was more of a sense of awareness. They are available in the widely range of colors and prints any man can imagine from stripes, floral or patterns of checks, modern prints, animal patterns and many more. The colors are tasteful and go all way from manly shades like black/ white to bright red, purple, blue, green, yellow, lime and more. The cuts are also one aspect that varies according to the brands.

Bikinis for men have gained a lot of popularity and have been segregated further into a variety of types like men’s bikini briefs, string bikinis, and many more which are improvised according to the need of the mood and personality. These various kinds of bikini are differentiated in terms of cuts and their construction. A bikini will often offer the option of a low-rise or mid-rise waistline. So, choose depending on what types of pants you will be wearing over them as well as whichever gives you the most comfort. Leg exposure on a bikini will range from style to style, even within the same brand. Some bikini have a thick coverage on your hip, that could be as much as 4 inches thick (measured from top of waist to bottom of fabric, along the hip), while others may just be a string that is meant to hold up the front and back of underwear while exposing the maximum of skin along the leg.

The wide variety available in the styles of bikinis; you will have numerous options to dazzle the crowd in the sizzling style that one desires. For softer and sober look go in for bikinis in pastel shades and a fun loving look choose tropical prints with details either in beads or stones. For a hot look go in for bikinis in a fiery red color or velvet bikinis with details on them. For a bolder look bikinis in bold stripes and checks or loud patterns. Bikinis of lace are available with strings that are more revealing than the normal ones.

At Mensuas, there are numerous fashionable options to choose from the various options whether one wants to sizzle or if one wants to stay plain there are fashion bikinis to enhance your masculinity.

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