Fashion – An Everyday Phenomenon

In this day and age, fashion is irrevocably relevant. Fashion is part of the world culture – from the pair of jeans you are wearing to the ways and behavior you are portraying or living. All of these fall into the scope of fashion.

When we talk about fashion, usually what comes to mind is clothing. One is considered “unfashionable” if the garments you wear are too old-looking while being “fashionable” is getting onto the bandwagon of whatever the trend is as of the moment. These however change over time. Thus, fashion progresses.

Fashion is closely linked to Western habits of constantly changing styles in clothing. The change usually is in association to the current economic and/or social condition. In the past one can easily recognize someone who belongs to the upper class by the way they dress from someone who is a peasant. Fashion, at that time, made a clear distinction between the powerful and powerless.

Presently, fashion has become a worldwide phenomenon. Now there is a wide array of choice in terms of clothing and brands, thus, people have greater access to whatever the trend is now. Unlike before, when someone wants to have a new dress, she has to go to a dressmaker to have the dress tailored-fitted for her. Now, ready-to-wear clothes are very much available. However, ready-to-wear clothes in the past were not really made using mass production. This is to show exclusivity to whoever buys them. As time goes by, the fashion world is now dependent on the mass market. Hence, mass produced clothes are apparent. Fashion designers base their creation on the fashion trend-setters that have mass appeal so that their products are easily recognized and are marketable at the same time. The drawback with it, however, is that the designers tend to use lesser quality materials and cheap fabrics to save money and time.

The mass-produced ready-to-wear clothes, apart from them being less superior to the branded ones, are a hit especially to the middle class community. Since they cannot afford what their favorite artist is wearing, they have at least an alternative to dress up like them without spending that much. This is also one of the reasons why sales of ready-to-wear clothes skyrocketed when introduced in the later part of the twentieth century.

Now, however, fashion does not just talk about clothing anymore. Perfumes and accessories have become noticeable as well. Personalities on television set trends and sometimes make their own clothing or perfume lines. Some of the notable ones are Jennifer Lopez who is an actress and a singer. Socialite Paris Hilton also has released her own line of perfume. These have become a trend as well with other big personalities coming up with their own. If you are a fan and look up to these people, then you would most likely purchase what they offer.

Look around and see fashion exists and will exist. The way you are dressed right now is your fashion. Much like the changing times, you will also change the way you dress in about a couple of month’s time, even a year from now. That just goes to show how fast the world evolves and at the same time how fast fashion progresses and changes. Fashion, indeed, has evolved. At the beginning of time, fashion was already around. Needless to say, it will remain with us forever.

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