Fashionable You

In the modern time, fashion changes every year, even though fashion is different for each social class, generation, geography and others, there are certain thing that became like a compass guide for fashion. New York, Paris, Milan, and other large cities are known as the fashion capital, this is where large fashion shows are held every year. From haute-de-couture fashion to ready wear fashion, all are available there, from novice designers to top class designers all gathered in one goal that is to introduce tomorrow’s fashion.

Fashion industry has turn into a profitable business. This is also supported by the media. Fashion journalism has become an important part of fashion, critiques, comments, and advices regarding fashion can be found in printed media and so is in electronic media. There are even certain media that focus only to the fashion world, from magazines, to televisions, and now the websites.

Following the fashion trend and style is not always about expensive and high cost clothing, you can also be fashionable with affordable and low budget fashion items. There are many manufacturers in clothing that always up-to-date with fashion style, some even use top class designers design as example, with alternative fabrics and other accessories so you can wear designers’ look a like clothes.

Fashion is not only about the clothes you wear, it is also about the accessories and footwear, starting from the top of your head, to the bottom of your feet, all is accounted as fashion. Besides from manufacturers that took a design of a designer and then they recreate a similar design with their own brand, there are also others that copycat the design and also the brand for the items, usually high end and expensive brand that are made with high quality being replicated using cheaper fabric with low quality but the brand listed is the high end brand. This is not only cause material loss for the brand holder, it can also cause the fall of the brand image. Replica items, usually made with cheap materials and also workers, even in some countries under-aged children are worked as labor. Some even did physical abuse to the children just to keep them from running away. Do not be a fashion victim, you can be fashionable disregarding of the brand and price.

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